Celebrity Personal Appearances

Everybody likes to meet a celebrity in person – to talk to someone famous, shake his or her hand and maybe get an autograph.

LAS VEGAS TALENT AGENCY’s celebrities come from all areas of the entertainment world including motion pictures, television, music and publishing. Many of them have substantial fan followings. A recognizable face from a favorite movie or TV show making a personal appearance can be just what’s needed to enhance your convention, trade show, meet and greet or other event.

Just imagine! Standing in the dealers room at a comic book convention and seeing someone by who played a famous superhero on TV…or looking at a product at a trade show and suddenly finding yourself standing next to someone whom you’ve only seen before on the motion picture screen…or getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gab with someone who years ago recorded one of your all-time favorite hits songs!

Yes, celebrity personal appearances are great and can spice up any event.  Booking a well-known celebrity for your event provides that extra “frosting on the cake” to make your convention or trade show or other event SPECIAL, standing out against the competition. It’s a proven fact that fans often decide to attend (or not attend) an event based upon the celebrities making personal appearances at that event, Long lines of fans have been known to wait outside for hours to get inside a convention just to meet a single celebrity guest and get his or her personalized signature on a photo, book, poster or other collectible item.

Our celebrity personal appearances roster continues to grow as more and more famous people from the entertainment business join LAS VEGAS TALENT AGENCY’s list of famous names and faces. If you are looking for someone to appear at your event – an actor, singer or whomever – we urge you to check this website regularly and frequently. You never know whom you may find added to our list – possibly someone from one of your favorite movies or that you watched years ago week after week on TV. Our celebrities are friendly and love to meet their fans and talk about their work. They will enjoy meeting their fans as much as their fans will love meeting them!

Our company is called LAS VEGAS TALENT AGENCY. But don’t let that confuse or fool you. Our celebrities don’t just work in Las Vegas; they are available for personal appearances anywhere in the world – and their fees and the terms of their appearances are entirely negotiable.

So check out the “head shots” below, click on the celebrity you’d like to see in person at your convention or other event, then book them.  Booking is an easy process and information can be found elsewhere on this website. We’re sure that the experience will be a pleasant one and that you will come back again to LAS VEGAS TALENT AGENCY as a “repeat client.”