Look alikes

Las Vegas look alikes can really make a big impact on your company events. We have world class look alikes that are sure to get every ones attention. Some that not only look alike the real star they are impersonating, but also sound and act alike.

Companies from all over the world use our look alikes to bring traffic to their trade show booths as well as entertainment to their events and parties. Meet and Greets with our look alikes are always a big hit. Imagine having Barack Obama give a speech at your company meeting, Robert DiNiro showing up as a mobster, Elvis singing some songs or Zach Galifianakis who is an ordained minister marrying you? This can now happen! Well kind of. The possibilities are endless. Go through our look alike line up. Many have multiple photos and videos! By the way, our look alikes will also travel assuming their expenses are covered. Have fun imagining what you can do with them and then contact us!